Northrise University is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on age, ethnic or national origin, physical or mental handicap, or gender in its hiring practices.
Northrise University is a privately owned University. The University is based in Ndola and offers locally and internationally accredited professional and academic programs. Northrise is a Christ-centered university creating an environment for intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth. Northrise University supports the educational, spiritual, and economic transformation of Zambia by raising up educated and empowered leaders. At Northrise students are empowered to become future leaders through rigorous academic training and high-performance standards.
We are looking for dedicated and innovative professionals who are passionate about making a significant and positive contribution to the education sector in Zambia. If you are such an individual possessing the necessary qualifications and competencies, you are encouraged to apply for the available positions.

Current Job Vacancies

PART-TIME LECTURERS – Business, ICT, Law, Nursing, Theology

General Description and Other Requirements of the Position

Teaching fundamental undergraduate and graduate courses in your area of study. Assistance with administration of the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Core Duties

1. Develops strategies to teach course content for the entire term/semester including instructional objectives, assignments, textbooks, weight of grades, and delivery methods.
2. Develops and provides to students, approved Northrise University syllabi and modules that follow a template established by the University, which includes terminal course objectives.
3. Organizes, prepares, and regularly revises and updates all course materials.
4. Incorporates higher-level learning (i.e. application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) by giving students opportunities to develop information literacy and problem-solving skills, and by connecting their current study to lab assignments and previous/future study in the related disciplines.
5. Adheres to University policies regarding disciplinary problems, including plagiarism or cheating.
6. Models exceptional verbal and written communication.
7. Organizes and sequences topics in a logical progression and paces the delivery to meet the needs of the class.
8. Utilizes educational technology (such as PowerPoint, remote access to syllabi and grades, classroom projection systems, online courses, or course components with interactive capabilities) to enhance learning.

Qualifications and Other Requirements

1. Full Grade 12 Certificate with at least 5 ‘O’ levels including English and Mathematics (Required)
2. Aligned Bachelors’ degree and Masters’ degree in the faculty you’re applying under.
3. An earned Ph.D. will be an added advantage
4. Evidence of peer-reviewed publications will be an added advantage
5. At least two (2) years experience in lecturing courses in area of study at the College or University level

How to Apply

Send your application, CV, and Documents of your Qualifications to:

Application Deadline: 31st May 2021

Job Application Process
When Northrise University lists available staff job opportunities and you wish to apply for one or more, please follow this process:

  • Identify Job position you wish to apply for as listed on this page
  • Write an Application for employment letter with the position specified
  • Attach a resume and other documents including your complete education, work references, and employment information.
  • Send the letter to NU using the post or the email address below.
  • After reviewing your Job Application, NU will send feedback

Human Resource Contact Details
All job inquires must be forwarded to the Human Resource Department. Please contact the department using the following details:

Email: | Tel: +260 960 776 144

Physical and Mailing Address:

Main Campus in Ndola:
30029 Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriage Highway
(Opposite Twapia Turn-off)
P.O. Box 240271,
Copperbelt, 10101