Whether you enroll in a campus-based or Distance e-Learning program, you’ll be part of an innovative academic atmosphere.

As a Northrise University student, you’ll experience:

  • Interaction between students and faculty
  • Personalized attention from instructors
  • An accommodating course schedule
  • A collaborative, professional environment
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals

Your educational experience will be focused, challenging and relevant. Our faculty members hold advanced degrees and combine theoretical insight with industry application in their lectures. Our curriculum is regularly updated to stay in sync with industry trends and to better prepare you for your chosen career.

All our students are privileged to work in learning teams alongside other students with rich and varied backgrounds, some of whom are working professionals. You’ll interact with your peers throughout your course – sharing ideas, debating issues and learning from their experience in the real world.

In addition to peer interactions, the Student Life Department composed of staff who are dedicated to promote transformative learning experiences for all students, will provide guidance and valuable feedback as you progress. Learn more about the Student Life Department which is a pivotal support center for all student affairs.

Student Life Department


Student life will be a presence that promotes transformative learning experiences which shapes and produces graduates that impact the world for the cause of Christ.


The mission of the department is to foster the spiritual, intellectual, cultural, social and emotional development of students by providing an enabling environment through programs and services that empower students for leadership, Christian service and enabling them to become fully productive members of a global community.

Guiding Principles and Values

  • Christian Identity- this value affirms that our thoughts, words, actions and interactions are governed by a desire to manifest Christ-in-us.
  • Leadership development- cultivated through education, reflection, hands-on- experience and preparation for impacting the world for good.
  • Transformational learning- discovered through the development of student’s mind, body and spirit.
  • Service- evidenced through sustainable community engagement .
  • Stewardship- guided by encouraging purposeful research and assessments of available resources and using them wisely for personal and community development.
  • Partners in Education- This value emphasize our vital role in the education of the whole person. The SLD partners with other members of the university community in the formal and informal education and development of students.