Graduating from high school is a very exciting milestone; congratulations! We bet your focus is now on preparing for your next four or so years that set the tone and starting point of your career. We are with you in your quest for a right career path coupled with the best university experience. Here you will find information and tips to help you get started…

Starting Your First Degree
When you are preparing to start your first degree, it is important to consider a number of factors to clearly understand what is involved in the journey that lies ahead. We recommend that your starting point be choosing your program. Choosing the right program is an important step to defining a fulfilling and lifelong career. You must therefore be deliberate in ensuring that the program you choose or have chosen to purse is one that aligns with your passion, ambitions and career goals.

I Do Not know what I want to Do Yet

You are not the first to feel uncertain of which career path to take. In fact many people who are successful in their careers today faced some level of uncertainty the first time they considered which career path to follow. And for some, their first choice of study was not what they ended up pursing yet they have still made great careers of their second or third choice; SO – DO NOT FRET! Simply seek career guidance by talking to an enrollment advisor today – call us on 0976 622 196 or email us at

GAP SEMESTER for School Leavers

Here is a great opportunity for you as a School Leavers who is await your results to enroll into the GAP semester program and enjoy a university experience you will live to remember. Our GAP Semester program is intended for high school graduates who are awaiting their G12 results or awaiting entry into University.

What Benefits are in Pursing a GAP Semester Program with NU

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed while and after pursing the GAP Semester program with NU:
1. Exposure:
2. The GAP Semester Program exposes you to the real academic pressure in university and how to handle it. You are taught how to study, how to write assignments, how to prepare for exams and much more as you participate in all academic activities together with university students.
3. Take a lead start:
a. You are not just gaining exposure but are taking a lead start to university. You will earn credits for the courses you will take and when you enroll into a full time program those courses can be exempted. If you choose to start a full time program with Northrise, you will be one (1) Semester ahead of the rest.
4. Enroll into any University of your Choice
a. Enrollment into the GAP Semester Program does not bind you to Northrise. While we wish that you can stay to study with us, you are free to enroll with any other University of your choice after the GAP Semester program is over. Thus, you can use this as an opportunity to learn as well as seek advice from faculty members concerning your career.
5. Make New Friends
a. In addition to all the good academic benefits you get, you also have a great opportunity of making meaningful and God-honoring friendships with your peers at Northrise University. As you interact in class, socialize outside of class and get involved in clubs, sports and other exciting activities, you are creating lasting bonds of friendships and learning to live in a community.