Network Support Certification(NSC)

Program Over view
The Network Support Technician Certificate (NSTC) programfocuses on strong programming fundamentals, network connectivity, hands-on type projects, front-end graphical user interface (GUI) programming with emphasis to computer networking. Graduates are prepared to perform services as a novice network administrator to set up and configure a server or local area network and provide information technology help desk support. The NSTC program willbe offered through the Centre for Professional Studies (CPS) and Distance electronic Learning (DEL).

Program Objectives
The program has several objectives that it aims at achieving as given below:

  1. Comprehend and resolve common desktop and network issues, including:
    • Take and categorize help desk requests.
    • Analyze help desk requests and locate possible solution resources.
    • Resolve help desk issues and/or talk the requester through the resolutions.
    • Document incidents for inclusion in updated database.
  2. Design and implement computer networks to support contemporary business environments in Zambia.
  3. Analyze common business functions and identify, design, and develop appropriate information technology solutions (in desktop and network applications) applicable to Zambia.
  4. Learn future technologies through acquired foundational skills and knowledge and employ them in new Zambian business environments.
Program Minors

This program has no minors

Award Eligibility

Program Graduation Requirements

  • Writing Skills
  • Information Systems Concepts
  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking I
  • Network Design and Setup
  • Programming with C
  • Networking II
  • Principles of Computer Support and Maintenance