Northrise University promotes educational, spiritual and social experiences that allow students to have the best university experience during the Northrise educational journey

You’ll find a vast number of opportunities to enjoy yourself, keep fit, keep busy and make friends on the NU campus. This semester, the Student Life department has lined up a number of exciting opportunities including:

First Year Experience
We are committed to intentionally establish various experiences and programs that are designed to help first year students’ transition to university and have a foundation that will help them succeed in their academics. We value the integration of our Christian faith in all aspects of the students learning and education within a Christian community. Through the following programs and activities, all first year students have opportunities to understand and manage the many social, emotional, personal and psychological changes that take place during their foundation year at Northrise.

On-going Orientation

Full Orientation takes place at the start of each Semester or Study Period. The goals of orientation is to introduce students to NU community, communicate the goals that the university has for its students, familiarize the students to the campus and its resources, introduce students to the various options available to them for their studies as well as support that they might need during their studies.

As part of the first year experience, on-going orientation events are scheduled in the semester to allow students to get in-depth information on various academic and non academic aspects of the University.

Female Freshman Mentorship Program

The Female Freshman Mentorship Program is meant to target freshman girls to be mentored in deeper relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ in addition to other activities and experiences designed to disciple students at NU. Students are linked to individual women in the US who have a passion and commitment to provide mentorship to female freshmen at NU. Students also have regular meetings with the Student Life department as part of the mentorship process. In addition, students engage in various community projects and discussions that are unique to them as female freshmen.

Male Freshman Meet Ups

This is a pilot program meant to target male freshmen, although it is open to other male students. In this program, students have meetings in a semester with male members of staff who have a passion to look at issues pertaining to being a male student at a university campus from a biblical perspective. These sessions are thought provoking, highly interactive and a good place to ‘hang’ out with fellow guys in order to learn from staff that have walked the walk of university life.

NU Talks is a space for students to express themselves, their thoughts, ideas, ideals and beliefs through self-directed talks. It is a platform for individual students to practice presentation skills as each receives constructive feedback from faculty, staff and peers. This platform will help students develop the in-demand skills of public speaking to different kinds of audiences. It is hoped that both presenters and audience participants will learn a range of presentation tips including thinking and structuring presentations, delivering confidently, keeping time and how to effectively engage the audience. More often than not, students get nervous when they have to give presentations especially for academic purposes. As the students get this opportunity to practice around topics that are of great interest to them and their peers, gradually the nerves subside and students begin to fully enjoy the entire presentation process. For Semester 1 2016, some students will be talking about hair, football, reading, technology, food and the list goes on.

Happening every Friday from 09:30 – 11:00hrs. Save the dates!

Service Learning Class

Service learning is a process of involving students in community service activities. It is aimed at enhancing and enriching a student’s learning experience and gives opportunities for Northrise students to integrate their faith into practice by engaging in Christian service. Students meet once a week for a period of 8 weeks under student-centered and student-led sessions in order to prepare First Years for their life of serving both at Northrise and beyond. Students who attend accumulate 1 credit towards their service learning credits which is part of their graduation requirements.

Happening every Friday from 14:00 – 16:00hrs. Save the dates!

Student Clubs

Student Clubs are important learning communities that provide an extension of classroom experience at NU. Clubs help students to develop leadership skills and become people of influence on campus and in the outside communities. As such, it is mandatory for all first year students to join a club of their choice. We have a variety of student clubs from which to choose, if not, students can create their own! Becoming a member of a club helps students to connect to the NU family. Further, being part of the club also helps you earn your Service Learning credits through community service with your club members. You can choose to belong to any one of the many active clubs that are focused on various academic, social, service and spiritual emphases.

Please check your clubs schedule for meeting days and times