Your Graduation Ceremony is a very special occasion to celebrate your academic achievements and Northrise proudly celebrates this with you!

12th Graduation Ceremony Saturday, 1st June 2019

Northrise University graduation ceremonies date back to 2006 when the University celebrated its first- ever graduating class. Since then, the university carefully plans this occasion to make it as memorable for each graduate. Attended by nearly 1000 people, faculty, staff, students, parents, organizations, and friends all come to support and cheer every success.

Students Eligible to Graduate

When you are eligible to graduate, Northrise will send you an invitation by email a few months before graduation. Invitations are only sent to students who have been enlisted by the Registrar’s Office as eligible for graduation after verification that all graduation requirements have been met.

Your invitation will include an events brochure with details of the ceremony location, time and date as well as Invitation cards for your guests. Additional guest cards are not available, however if you wish to bring extra guests they can watch the ceremony from a designated sitting area for spill over guests.

I am not sure of my possible graduation date

Upon completion of all Course work, students can seek academic advising to be certain of their possible graduation date. To be sure that you have completed all course works for your program, please request for an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office and together with your Academic Advisor, check that you have completed all courses as outlined on your course path and compute your GPA and ensure that you have met the Graduation GPA required.

Important Reminders to Graduands

Having come this far and achieved much, it is important to carefully plan for a smooth and exciting day; stress free memorable moments. Here are some important reminders to all graduands.

Attend Graduation Rehearsal: A combined ceremony rehearsal is held for all graduands. It is mandatory that every graduand attends this event.

Be on Time: Being on time could be the difference between a happy and smiley graduate and a graduate who looks all anxious and unexcited. Please ensure that you make it on time to all graduation events including the rehearsal.

Collection of Other Academic Documents: Collection of Academic documents can be done immediately after graduation or on a later date as declared on the Agreement Form. Please ensure that you collect your other academic documents as declared.

Photo Taking: Please note that during the ceremony, Northrise University only allows authorized photographers to take photos. If you intent to invite a photographer, please ask them to only begin taking photos after the formal proceedings are over.

For more information on specific aspects of graduation requirements, or if you have questions, please schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Office of the Registrar, Main Campus 30029 Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriage Highway, in Ndola.