Graduate Studies for Today’s Global Business Market
Your critical strategic advantage makes the difference between being a successful manager with superior performance and being the unsuccessful manager whose job is insecure. Your power within the company and your influence over clients depends on your ability to create competitive strategies. With every product and service, you must set yourself apart from the competition.

Northrise University Graduate Program serves as the right answer to individuals seeking and willing to step into the next frontier of education with a University that is nationally accredited, proven experience in classroom and online education, and at the forefront of a technology-delivered curriculum.

Our aim is to allow each learner to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific discipline in order to make a positive contribution towards the growth of their organizations and move their careers forward. Enrol Now – Online Application Form

To keep our curriculum relevant, we assess academic outcomes regularly and adjust our curriculum when needed.

Graduate School Objectives

To provide the graduate learner with the modern advanced theories and concepts related to a dynamic business or health environment.
To promote the incorporation of practical business or health experience with formal academic learning so that shared experiences can create integrated learning.
To foster growth in intellectual accomplishment and an opportunity to develop an executive level perspective on business and health practices.
To provide graduate-level knowledge and skills in the application of current technology for use in research, critical thinking, and problem-solving to collect, analyze, and evaluate business or health data to arrive at professional conclusions.
To encourage learners to develop the ability to use quantitative and qualitative tools to identify and address business or health problems and opportunities.
To encourage learners to gain an appreciation of ethical principles and its application to the business environment.
To provide learners with the opportunity to develop a global perspective on business operations or public health issues and to understand how diversity can impact decisions.
To encourage the stimulation of the student’s intellectual curiosity and develop their innovative spirit to prepare students for future middle and upper management positions in business, nonprofit, and government organizations both domestic and global.

Learning Team Formation and Performance

Our graduate program promotes collaborative learning and knowledge sharing to expand the collective capacity of the professional community. Learning team activities provide the opportunity to practice leadership and collaborative skills, give and receive peer feedback, and build community with professional peers.

To support collaboration and collegiality, the instructor will form teams of 3-5 learners who are expected to work interdependently, resolve conflicts, and produce shared deliverables to meet the course competencies. Further, individuals may be evaluated on their collaboration, leadership, and/or follower-ship skills. Scores for team assignments may be adjusted to reflect individual levels of performance in promoting team effectiveness.