Northrise Farms is a wholly owned agricultural unit of Northrise University (NU). The farm provides high quality farm produce for the University community as well as the general public. Ultimately, the farm will contribute towards reducing the operating costs of the University, thereby providing an opportunity for students from poor families to attend Northrise University at affordable fees. The farm also provides employment to the community. The establishment of Northrise Farms also serves as a foundation for the commencement of the Faculty of Agriculture at Northrise University in the near future.


The overall vision of the Northrise Agriculture Program is to educate and train students through the School of Agriculture, while creating a sustainable economic Northrise Farm operation that provides significant funding source for the University’s long term success.


The mission of Northrise Farms is closely entertwined with that of the NU Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture whose aim will be to produce graduates capable of empowering themselves by being entrepreneurs in agriculture as an alternative to employment which is lacking in Zambia. The farm also provides food for students and staff. As Northrise University Farms seeks to become a beacon of hope for the surrounding community, proclaiming the Gospel message through both word and deed, it has been providing food and creating employment for the poor in surrounding communities.

Northrise Farms will continue to be developed as a world class enterprise providing a combination of high quality farm produce and offering modern farming knowledge and skills to University students and the local farming community. The ultimate goal of the farm is to empower the people of Zambia.

Farm Location and Facilities
Northrise Farm is situated along Ndola- Kitwe dual carriage way on the 640 acres of land deeded to Northrise University by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. The controlling office is at Northrise University, 30029 Ndola- Kitwe dual carriage way, in Main Campus Ndola. The farm is in a prime agricultural area endowed with good climate, rich soils, high water table and good transport network and other favourable factors for agro activities.

Current Farm Activities

Chicken Rearing

Northrise Farms currently sells chickens reared on the farm for meat. 25 acres of the 400 acres allocated to the farm is dedicated to poultry farming, there are currently 3 chicken houses built with the capacity of 4,000 chickens per month. The chickens are of high quality and are offered at affordable prices. Northrise Farms uses its state of the art, contemporary abbatoir to prepare dressed chickens for the market. Customers can also order live chickens from the farm.

Banana Production

The Farm currently sells bananas from its 32 acre banana plantation. Bananas are available for sale to the public at affordable wholesale and retail prices.

Cattle Rearing

150 acres have been reserved for 150 head of beef cattle. Northrise Farms has a current head of 33 beef cattle.