Northrise Business School

The Northrise Business School is dedicated to training business and other organizational leaders. The faculty is composed of high school graduates as well as full-time working business professionals who bring their expertise and practical experience to the classroom. Through personalized academic advising and small specialized classes, the faculty’s programs give students a relevant education that integrates business theory with realistic goals and practices. The faculty is dedicated to training both business and other organizational leaders. Through a curriculum that seeks to provide every business student with excellent knowledge, skills, moral, ethical and biblical values; students are equipped to assume positions of leadership, influence, and responsibility in business, community, church and other organizations, both locally and globally.

Center for Information and Communication Technologies (CICT)

The Information and Communication Technologies (Center for ICT) is committed to offering students with the highest quality of computer technology skills to enable them serve businesses and other organizations in an efficient manner. In addition to this goal, the center aims to contribute to scientific and technological innovation in education with a primary thrust in two areas: Curriculum Development and Program Improvement and Innovation. Curriculum Development encompasses the design and implementation of new curricula, courses, laboratories and instructional materials. Program Improvement encompasses faculty and teacher development, student academic support and formal partnerships with industry, government, educational institutions and other stakeholders.

The center envisions the promotion of innovative, relevant and viable research and development initiatives. Believing in the complexity and diversity of human development, the center promotes a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach in its research and development program. Objectives of the Center for Information and Communication Technology support the aims and objectives of Northrise University and relate directly, to those of the Center for ICT.

Objectives for the Center include:

  • Equip students with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge in the IT industry
  • Providing the curriculum, content, resource and other support materials to equip students with the skills and knowledge required in today’s ICT workforce
  • Enhancement of education through utilization of Information and Communication Technologies
  • Develop courses and academic tracks relevant to the advancement of the center’s research and development thrust
  • Design and deploy relevant and viable technology solutions to address developmental issues and concerns
  • To be a significant contributor to the body of knowledge in the area of ICT

Faculty of Theology (FOT)
The faculty seeks to provide an in-depth knowledge of the tools to exegete the Holy Scriptures with integrity, thereby establishing and strengthening skills in the beliefs and practices of theology, ministry and service with a biblical understanding of God and the church. Students equipped for ministry are responsible, mature, proficient, and devoted to serving the Lord Jesus Christ both in the Church and business associations.