Distance e-Learning (DEL)

Distance e-Learning (DEL) is a hybrid teaching model where students learn through a combination of physical and online class interactions. Students who enroll in a DEL program are required to take an onsite orientation. During orientation, students take the Introduction to University Studies seminar and also attend sessions on key aspects of the DEL model. Sessions offered at orientation include academic, accounting, and student life policies and guidelines; Google Classroom training; and APA writing style. Students also get a chance of interacting with faculty during orientation.

Under DEL, courses are delivered over sixteen weeks or a semester. Students take a total of 5 (five) courses during the semester.  DEL course activities include weekly assignments which are submitted via the Google Classroom, as well as online team discussions. Additionally, students are required to attend residential school twice in a year. Residential school activities run for a duration of two weeks; one in June and another in December.

At residential school, students engage in activities such as course reviews, team presentations and examinations. Students also take additional seminars during residential school i.e. HIV/AIDS, Community Development, and Career Development seminars. The second week of residential school is reserved for final examinations.

DEL is advantageous to learners in that it provides a chance for students to learn from the comfort of their homes and still enjoy the benefits of class interactions. Students are also provided with an opportunity to seek clarification on specific course elements as they prepare for final examinations. Students also benefit from instructor delivered course reviews that are offered at residential school.