Student Life

You Matter, We Care…

Student life has a wide range of services that, in a way strives to set standards of excellence in the delivery of student services, and fostering a welcoming environment that is inclusive, safe and conducive. It creates internal programs and services that promotes student learning, engaging and character development. Our office provides a variety of student support services along with opportunities for leadership experience and diverse student work environments.

Student life, in charge of student disciplines, strives to meet the varied needs of all students through advocacy and as such, we will:

  • Support and care for students in the midst of their crisis and challenge.
  • Empower students to utilize their University and community resources.
  • Work and advice with both our heads and our hearts.
  • Respect the student and recognize our own biases by collectively pursuing greater self-understanding and integrity.

Student Life Divisions

Campus Accommodation
  • Accommodation.
  • Housing policy.
  • Dining Services.
Career and Academic Developmental Programs
  • Internship Class (3 & 4th)
  • Career Guidance
  • Career counsel
  • Job search
  • Internship
  • Academic Advising
  • Checking Students GPA’s for support
Student Financial Support
  • Financial Aid
  • Work Study
  • Donor writing Class
New Student Programs
  • The First Year Experience.
Outreach & Service Learning Programs
  • Community service.
  • Credit hour.
  • Practical involvement.
  • Impact.
Spiritual Formation
  • Chapel.
  • Praise Nights.
  • Student Fellowship.
  • Counseling/discipleship
  • Mentorship program
  • Class devotions
  • Dorm bible study
Study Abroad Opportunities
    • Exchange Creates opportunities to study abroad as an exchange student

    Health Care and Wellness Services
    • Nucare.
    • Medical treatment
    • Wellness/Fitness checks
    • Psychosocial Counseling
    Sports and Recreational Activities
    • Sports.
    • Student Clubs.
    • Culture expo
    • Social Events
    Student Leadership Opportunities
    • Student council.
    • Peer leadership Program .
      • Class (2nd yrs.)
    • Residents assistance (RA’s)
    • Club leadership