Bachelor of Project Management – BPM

BPM – Program Overview

The Bachelors in Project Management degree is designed for individuals who require an understanding of the process for planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating complex projects and assignments within a specified time period and resources to achieve specific goals objectives. Students are taught a wide variety of skills including decision making, contracts and procurement management, management accounting, contract law among others.

The degree is four years in duration and students will normally work as project managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, managers of resources upon successful completion. The program has been designed to deliver both conceptual and practical skills to students in a wide variety of project management situations.

BPM Program Objectives

At the completion of the program, students should be able to:

1. Develop comprehensive project proposals for stakeholders

2. Acquire the ability to design, implement, monitor and evaluate complex projects

3. Use a variety of software applications to manage projects.

4. Understand the legal and regulatory aspects of project management

Program Minors

BPM Minors:

Students who study the BPM have the following options for Minors: Please note that the Minors are subject to change for each academic year.

    • Business


    • Management


  • Accounting:
Award Eligibility

BPM Program Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for the award of the degree Bachelor of Project Management (BPM) students must meet the following requirements. For academic year 2010, the courses are:

1.Completion of ten (10) Major Project Management courses including the following:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Ethics
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Managerial Decision Making
  • Project Planning
  • Contracts and Procurements
  • Financial Accounting
  • Project Scope, Time and Cost Management
  • Contract Law

2.Completion of six (6) Bridging Program Courses

3.Completion of six (4) Christian Thought and Practice Courses

4.Completion of six (4) Minor Courses

5.Completion of one (1) Project Management Research Paper

6.Completion of four (4) Seminars