Graduates of Northrise University are valued member of our Alumni community. These individuals can be found working in nearly every field. Some are executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, specialists, lecturers and teachers working in the private sector while others work for different government departments.

Alumni Services
Academic Documents Replacement: Alumni who wish to replace their Academic documents (Official Transcript, Certificate and other official documents) are free to request for a replacement at a fee. Please send your request in writing to the Registrar’s office.
Seminars & Workshops: Be part of the ongoing seminars and workshops to enhance your skills and keep current in your field. Look out for postings on dates.

Alumni Opportunities
Friend-Raising: Introduce a friend to Northrise! You can introduce a friend that wishes to be a part of the great works going on by becoming a volunteer or supporter of Northrise.
Volunteer: You as alumni have an opportunity to give back to Northrise by volunteering your time and services. Get in touch with us to know which areas are available for volunteer work.
Give to NU: Maybe you do not have much time but still want to contribute to your university. We have a number of projects that you can give to. Visit the give page for more details or contact us to find out which projects you can give to.
E-Letter Contributions: Northrise is always proud to share what is happening in your life. Share new experiences and achievements with us so that we can proudly tell the world your success stories.

Keep Your Alumni Profile Current

To keep your Alumni profile current, simply send an email to which includes your personal details and current job title and responsibilities as well as any other current ministry involvement.