Congratulations for choosing to apply at Northrise University. Completing your admission process is easier than you can imagine. Simply follow the steps below to join and become part of our vibrant student body.

Step 1: Find Your Program
2Begin by finding the right program of study for you.
Step 2: Check Minimum Entry Requirements
Thereafter, move onto checking that you meet the specific minimum entry requirements for the program Your chosen program may have specific admission requirements such as prior studies or additional selection criteria such as interviews or aptitude tests.
Step 3: Choose How You Will Apply
  • Apply Online takes approximately 15 minutes to complete
  • Download an Application Form – takes under one minute to download
  • Request an electronic copy of the Form via email from apply@northrise.nettakes under three minutes to send the email
  • Obtain a Form in person from any of our campuses – visit our Main Campus in Ndola or Satellite Campus in Solwezi and get all your questions answered immediately

You will be required to pay your Application for Admission Fee to obtain an Application Form from any of our campus. Please see Step 5 on how to pay your Application Fee if you choose to apply online, download online or request for the Form via email.

Step 4: Submit your Application

Whether you choose to apply online, download a form or visit our campus, ensure that you thoroughly complete your Application Form and attach all required supporting document. Admissions can only begin processing your application when all required supporting documentation has been received.Documentation may include but not limited to, certified copies of GCE or equivalent certificate, transcripts and awards from previous study, as well as proof of your Identity (NRC or Passport). International prospective student may be required to provide proof of English proficiency and/or proof of citizenship or residency if already resident in Zambia. Please note that late receipt of your supporting documentation will delay the consideration of your application.

Please observe application deadlines. Applications received after the closing date will only be considered if any of the following conditions hold.

  • Applicant is willing to complete the Application process before Orientation Week
  • Applicant will not need additional processing such as obtaining a VISA (for international students)
  • Places remain available under the program being applied for
Step 5: Pay the Application Fee

Once your application form has been completed and submitted, you will be required to pay a non-refundable Application for Admission Fee. Your application is only considered complete and ready for processing once you pay this fee.

  • Undergraduate:
    • K120.00 for Zambian and SADC member state applicants
    • K200.00 for International applicants
  • Postgraduate:
    • K220.00 for Zambian and SADC member state applicants
    • K300.00 for International applicants

Please proceed to making your payment if you have not already done so using the following method:

  • Make a Bank Payment:

Deposit either cash or a cheque (payable to Northrise University), or transfer funds to the Northrise University account using the details below:

Bank Name: First National Bank
Account Name: Northrise University
Branch: Ndola Main Branch
A/C. No.: 0062757671237

Please reference your payment as follows:
Start with your Personal Identification Number (NRC or Passport Number) and suffix the type of payment you are making E.G.: ZM12005Application or 303030/22/1-Intent. Please return deposit slip as proof of payment to NU for receipting
. To return slip, bring it in person or scan and email it to accounts.

Step 6: Await Admission Decision

Once you have successfully submitted your application and payed your non refundable application fee, you will await the outcome of your application assessment. The Admissions Office will contact you primarily by email if there is further information or supporting documentation requirement.Once your application has been assessed, an Admissions personnel will Call, SMS or Email you to inform you of your application status and if successful, the collection date of your Acceptance Package.

Step 7: Return Intent to Register Form

When your application is successful, you will receive an Offer of Admission to Northrise University letter either by Email or for your collection at any Campus.Acceptance does not guarantee your spot in the program – Intent to Register Fee does. Once you have been notified of your acceptance and made the decision to attend, please pay your Intent to Register Fee.

Step 8: Make Tuition Payment

Once you have accepted your Offer of Admission to Northrise University, a Student ID will be issued. Upon receipt of your Student ID, proceed to make Tuition Payment. Based on the payment plan chosen, you are required to pay either in full or at least half for registration of courses to be done.Please observe the payment deadline for registration to be done on time so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. Registration is automatically done for you with 48 hours after payment.

Step 9: Attend Welcome and Orientation Week

The next step is for you to attend the welcome and Orientation programs. Orientation is mandatory at Northrise University. Orientation dates are communicated to you in your Acceptance Letter. An Orientation Package is ready for collection immediately after you pay your “Intent to Register” Fee. Please visit the Admissions Office to obtain one or download it online.Orientation Week is an important part of preparing for your university life at Northrise. At Orientation, held the week before regular classes begin, you will find out any academic requirements for your program, your responsibilities and rights as a student, have the opportunities to tour the facilities you will be using during your degree, and learn about the student support services available on campus. A range of social activities will be held to help you meet other students in your program or on your campus a well as some staff and faculty. Students studying by Distance e-Learning have Orientation Week as their first residential. An Online orientation program is also offered to student studying Online programs; currently only certifications are 100% online.

Step 10: Congratulations, you are a NU Bonafide Student

Congratulations, you are ready to start your studies at Northrise University!!