New Beginnings for Deborah Mwila

Written by Geraldine Phiri

We are back to yet another semester at Northrise University. For returning students, it means getting into another semester, upping that GPA, seeing what good tidings this semester will bring, and moving forward. For our newly enrolled students, however, beginning this semester means the beginning of a new adventure. They get to meet new people and having to learn in a whole new environment. For many, this adventure is very far away from home. Interestingly every student has a unique experience as a freshman. I could not think of a better way to know these experiences than actually engaging a first-year student living in the dormitories of NU!
“When I came here as a new student, I was both anxious and excited. I did not even know what to expect.”, said Deborah Mwila. Deborah is a vibrant first-year student at NU pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and majoring in Web and Software Development (WSD). She is living in our Student Resident Halls coming from Mushili in Ndola.
“It is a nice place here but, I was saddened that I did not get to tour the school because COVID forced our Orientation to be online. But I am getting to know the school and particularly like the cafeteria for the fact that I doon not have to prepare meals myself.”, she added. One thing she did not certainly expect was the curfew policies and rules at the dorms. Comparing that to other universities in Zambia, she treasures that because there is order in the community. Being her first time in Uni, she misses home.

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