2021 Semester 2 Mental Health Week

By Mwamba Mulenga & Geraldine Phiri

In 2019 the Northrise university student council alongside student life introduced mental health week, this initiative was implemented as a means to bring to light mental health-related issues faced by students at the university. Since its implementation, the university dedicates a week to activities that bring awareness to the plight of mental health. Just as 2 timothy 1:7 says, “God has not given us the spirit of fear but power and of love and a sound mind”, Northrise University seeks to ensure that students are of sound mind and continue to pursue their dreams as dreams have the ability to uplift their mental state.
Throughout the week the Board of Inspiration is on display which is also known as the TAKE ONE NOTE LEAVE ONE NOTE BOARD, it enables students to leave a positive inspirational message and take one that speaks to them. Tuesday 20th April mental health professionals were invited to the university for an open discussion which served as a platform for students to speak on various mental health issues affecting them. To mark the end of the mental week is an art gallery aimed at showing the need to be kind and show love always going forward.
Be encouraged to speak up, you are not alone, God is with you!

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