The Northrise University faculty is a high profile team of teaching staff who hold advanced degrees and substantial experience in the fields they teach. With diverse backgrounds and exposure, enriched academic experiences and varied qualifications, each faculty brings to the classroom a wealth of expert knowledge that is industry relevant and passed on to students using a learner centered approach. The team is highly committed to student success.

Faculty of Theology
Blair, Meryl:
BTh (Hons), Dip. Min; DTH – Melbourne College of Divinity
Chilombo, Mwape:
BTh – University of Western Cape, MA – Episcopal Divinity Schoo
Kennedy, Stephen:
PhD – University of Southern California
Lungwebungu Sepiso:
BSc – University of Zambia; BTh – Northrise University; MTh (c) – South African Theological Seminary (SATS)
Mbulo, George:
MDiv, DMin (c) – Fuller Seminary, MBA – Pepperdine University; PhD (c) UNISA
Mibenge, Venassie:
BTH – Northrise University
Mubanga, Christopher:
BTh – Northrise University
Musonda, Mukupa:
BTH – Northrise University; MSW – Baylor University
Sichone, Billy:
FFA, MBA, ThD(Apol), PHD (BA),DBS (NT) – Trinity College & University
Simutowe Alice:
DipEH – Evelyn Hone College; DipCM, BTh – Northrise University; MTh, PhD (c) – South African Theological Seminary (SATS)
Vos, Ronald:
PhD, South Dakota State University
Zimba, Moffat:
BTh Biblical Studies– Melbourne College of Divinity; M.Div (eq); DMin –Fuller Theological Seminary
Northrise Business School
Blinn, Kari:
BSc History – Cornell University; MBA Claremont University
Bweupe, Betty:
BA – University of Namibia; MBA (Fin) Copperbelt University
Chipeta, Bonaventure:
BSc Maths– University of Zambia; BBA – University of Cape Town; MBA (Fin) – Copperbelt University
Gray Van:
PhD – University of North Texas
Kachamba, Norman:
BEd– Rusangu University; MBA – Maastricht School of Management
Kilele Richard:
BBA- Copperbelt University, MBA- Maastricht School of Management.
Kimoni, Linda:
BBA – Cyprus Institute of Marketing, MBA – Northrise University
Matamwandi, Sydney:
BSc Mech; MSc Eng– Warsaw University of Technology; MBA – Northrise University
Mbulo, George:
MBA – Pepperdine University, M.Div, D.Min (c) – Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD (c) – University of South Africa
McCormick Blaine:
PhD (Management) – Texas A & M University
Moses, Gilbert:
BBA – The Philippine Christian University; MSc Finance – Leicester University; DPA (c) – University of Edinburgh
Mtambo Baxter:
BSc Math – University of Zambia, MBA (Fin) – Copperbelt University; DTL (c ) – Bakke Graduate University
Mtambo, Catherine:
BSc Math – University of Zambia, MBA- Copperbelt University, ACCA affiliate DBA (Accounting) (c) – Walden University
Mfune, George:
BA – University of Namibia; MBA (Fin) – Copperbelt University
Mulenga, Jacqueline:
BEd – University of Zambia
Mulenga, Monica:
BCom (HRM) – University of South Africa (UNISA); MA (HRM) – Copperbelt University
Mwaba, Darius:
CertPM, BA (Eco); MBA (Fin) 
Mwenda, Ackson:
AAT; MBA – Northrise University; ACCA (c) – UK
Phiri, Mboni:
BSc Applied Accounting Oxford Books University; ACCA; MBA – Heriot-Watt University
Siame, Makozi:
B.A. ED (Geog.) – University of Zambia; MBA (Mgt & Fin) – Copperbelt University; AMInstCM – The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM); Member (Academic) –  ICM; Reg. Trainer – Botswana Training Authority; MInstCM – ICM.
Sichone, Billy:
FFA, MBA, ThD(Apol), PHD (BA),DBS (NT) – Trinity College & University
Sikobela, Steven:
ICM, ACCA; Msc in Management – Leeds Metropolitan University, DTL (c) – Bakke Graduate University
Van Melis, Daniel:
MSc (Mkt. Mgt) – Tilburg University

Center for ICT
Chilufya, Victor:
BIT – Northrise University
Griffith, Eric:
M Sc. Engineering – California State Polytechnic University
Kaira Pius:
BSc CS –MSc MIT – Asia Pacific University; CEH, CHSI – EC Council; CCNA – CISCO
Maambo, Chibozu:
BIT, MBA – Northrise University
Musonda, Mulenga:
BIT, MIT(c) – Northrise University
Ngulube, Lusuntha:
BSc Math – University of Zambia, MIT – Griffith University; PhD (c) – University of Phoenix
Nshindano, Agness:
DipIS, BIT, MBA – Northrise University
Salimu, Kaunda:
BIT, MBA(c) – Northrise University
Simushi Robert:
BSc.IT, MIT SE – University of Science and Technology Houari Boumidiene
Zimba, Doreen:
BSc IS, MBA/TM University of Phoenix
Faculty of Law
Bwalya, Mwansa:
LLB – University of Zambia; LLM (c) – University of Lusaka
Chilufya Timothy:
Cert.CIOB – England; Dip. BA, MBA – Manchester University; LLB, AFA Associate; PhD IPL (c) – University of Lusaka, PhD CJS – Walden University  
Collet Helle:
LLB – Kings College, BA, LLM Copenhagen University
Hakasenke, Justin:
Cert. Para-legal Work – University of Zambia; Dip. Journalism and PR – Norma-Jean College of Broadcasting and Communications; LLB, LLM (c) – University of Lusaka.
Judge Siavwapa Mwiinde:
LLB – University of Zambia; LLM – University of Wales
Sakala J B SC:
LLB – University of London; LLM, PhD – University of Zambia
Siamutwa Charles:
LLB – UNZA; LLM – University of Anglia
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Chipumbu, Mirriam
RN – Kitwe School of Nursing; RM – Ndola School of Nursing; Dip.N.E, BSc ( Nursing) – University of Zambia; MSc (Integrative Health) – Sweden
Daka, Victor:
BSc; MSc. OHAE – University of Zambia
Hachizovu, Sebastian:
M.D. BSc.HB, BSc. Surgery – University of Zambia; MPH – Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium
Handema, Ray:
BSc – University of Zambia; MMSc – University of Birmingham, UK; PhD – Yamanashi Medical University, Japan
Kalombe, Gwanire:
BA (SW) – University of Namibia; PGCert (Specialist Social Work) –  Kingston University; MA (Childhood & Youth) – Open University, London
Kalungwana, Ng’andwe:
BSc, MPH – University of Zambia
Kapungu, Kelvin:
BSW – University of Zambia; MPH – University of Sheffield, England
Kasongo, Webster:
BSc. Chemistry-Biology – University of Zambia; MPH – University of Alabama; PhD – Vanderbilt University
Khondowe, Shepherd:
BA – University of Zambia; MPH, M&E – University of Pretoria
Musokwa, Genevive:
RN – Ronald Ross Mufulira; RM – UTH School of Midwifery; Dip.N.E,  BSc (Community Nursing) –  University of Zambia; MSc (Community Nursing) –  University of Wales Cardiff,UK; EdD (c) – UK
Musonda, Mukupa:
BTH – Northrise University; MSW – Baylor University
Tembo, Mathias:
BS DLSHTM MSc – University of London; Phil/PhD (c) Royal Free & University College Medical School University